An incomparable movie for all time. A Spielberg best!


 Forget about trying to turn it into Shakespeare. It’s not hard to describe how bad Skyfall is, but suffice to say I fell asleep mid second act. The last half of the movie’s denouement and third act is so poorly structured and mangled you’ll think it was written by 3rd year British primary students, or worse PBS detective series writers. You will not believe the amateurism– laughable and depressing to think they turned around and hired John Logan for another 2 turns. Look, I marveled at the brilliance of the team that saw the writing on the wall and turned Bond around so dramatically with Casino Royale, but the stunning failure of Quantum of Solace and now this astonishing piece of drek certainly puts it into perspective. Bottom Line: First half is brilliant second half total crap. Solution: Walk Out in the middle and ask for your money back!

If you’re a serious filmmaker you must see The Master

If you're a serious filmmaker you must see The Master

It is a work of such deep and masterful genius — nary a false move or misstep in the entire 2 1/2 hours — just a pure naturally unfolding examination of the unbridled Id in conflict with ego and superego on the battlefield of a developing spiritual discipline and embryonic cult. Joaquin Phoenix is so completely transformed I wonder if there is anything left of the actor by the same name. Hoffman and Amy Adams equally so. I can’t imagine any one in the film industry walking out of it because I think it may well may change cinematic storytelling theory from here on. I know it has for me.