On Hef’s Passing: The End of an Era and Icon

Eldon Didini

On Hef’s Passing: The End of an Era and Icon

Hef came of age during WW ll when many young men went off to war with the hope of saving the world, bolstered by their haunting reminiscences and longings of small town first loves, movie star pinup girls and the heady promise of French stockings, Belgian farm girls, foreign brothels, star crossed love affairs and one night stands. They returned with a hard earned, hard edged testosterone-driven ethos of ‘Save the World and Get Laid’ as their unspoken reward. 

The America they returned to had changed as well, and that seismic cultural shift was reflected in the popular books and movies of Ian Fleming and his glamorous, galavanting, globe-trotting super spy James Bond, Jack Kennedy in the White House, and to no lesser extent, the early 1953 appearance of Playboy Magazine at the local corner drug store magazine rack. 

The war had come home, but the battlefield shifted from the European theater to Publisher’s row, Television City, Madison Ave. Hollywood, Big Corporation and ultimately mass social and cultural revolution. We still experience vestiges of that dying ethos in the antics of aging Baby Boomer political leaders, the comeuppance of ‘has been’ comedians, scandalized celebrities, and corporate dinosaurs like Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, (and, apparently, most of Fox News), but it is fast going the way of the Woolly Mammoth, WW ll, Playboy Magazine, and now, Hef himself. It’s been a helluva ride! 

Hefner’s first wife CHEATED on him – a betrayal which spawned Playboy lifestyle https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4565862/hugh-hefners-first-wife-cheated-playboy/