All right, Can We Drop the Superpower Bullshit, Now?

cols_ventura-39636-4All right, Can We Drop the Superpower Bullshit, Now? I understand the horror of chemical weapons as much as I can, and the loss of life is abhorrent and condemnable. I agree with the president’s decision to put this before congress. It’s time they actually fucking earned a pay check. I don’t buy the notion of presidential weakness averred by the kindergarteners of the GOP. It’s the wrong time to go it alone in international military affairs period. Screw those who implore us to act but refuse to say it publicly. After two of the longest wars in history and all the hysteria, ineffectiveness and losses we’ve suffered, created and caused it’s not a bad thing if the world should find America chastened, reticent, and war weary. That’s not weakness it’s called wisdom. All the chemical weapons in the world could pose no greater threat than for us to brazenly and pig-headedly show the world we have no new ideas or strategies– only tired exhausted and worthless solutions wrapped in ever more lethal delivery systems. I would gladly see us trade the idiotic mantel of super power for enlightened power, and I think the world would welcome it, too!

Michael Chase Walker’s Music Math and Myth

Michael Chase Walker’s Music Math and Myth

Michael Chase Walker's Music Math Myth

If we understand how our stories, real or imagined, impact the very evolution of our brains, personalities, civilization and culture we can relax our differences and realize the singularity of our humanity. We are not so much a thousand different races and species vying for dominance or superiority, as much as we are the history of Consciousness evolving in a vast Universe striving to know itself.