A Myth Turned Into a Lie To Serve a Lie Becomes a Lie…


“For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie– deliberate, contrived and dishonest– but the myth– persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forbearers. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” JFK

If anything proves the pseudepigrapha of Christianity and its ongoing web of deceit it’s this idea that the morally-obsessed god of the Old Testament who expelled Adam and Eve over an apple, and “punished women thereafter”,  inundated the earth for its iniquities, destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, deprived Moses of entering the Holy Land, punished David for Bathsheba, destroyed Solomon’s Temple for his various promiscuities, and banished the Jews from their homeland for the same, would then arbitrarily commit adultery with another man’s underage teenage wife to host his “only begotten son”. (What, there were no more acceptable alternatives for this omniscient progenitor?) And the very idea that religious fanatics are parading outside the Supreme Court right now citing this self-same “moral authority” as cause for discriminating against an entire class of Americans is beyond reproach.

Music Math and Myth by Michael Chase Walker


Celebrating myth is one of humankind’s most beautiful and ancient traditions — an amalgam of ancestry, imagination & consciousness But when that myth is used to sell a lie it becomes a lie and destroys our humanity in the process.

Constructing narratives is an evolutionary stratagem of many species, but especially human beings. Our brains quite literally evolve through dreams, myths, music, math and magick ( in the Crowleyean/Hillman sense). Ignorance of this simple propensity in today’s world is inexcusable and to persist in the promulgation of archaic prejudices, biases and world-views is as reprehensible as depriving a dying child of the latest medicines, or teaching voo-doo as a viable option for modern living.

The Argument Against Belief…


The Argument Against Belief

I just finished an online debate for ” The Polemicists” against a numb-nut Christian fundamentalist ( is that redundant?) The argument was supposed to be for or against the existence of god. As one would expect, my opponent quickly abandoned the original proposition and started arguing for the persistence of belief as proof of god’s existence instead.

The following is my response:

Of course, I would like to argue my opponents reasoned and well-stated assertions if he had any. Unfortunately, the ‘we have to believe in something therefore we might as well believe in god’ doesn’t quite cut it for any advanced level of ratiocination above the age of 4 years old or I.Q. above  60.

To argue god’s existence based on the 400,000 year old human history of “belief” would be to give actualization to buffalo deities, coyote messiahs, chicken-headed serpents (Yahweh), predicting the future through animal intestines (augury), alchemy, astrology, necromancy, human sacrifice, regicide and a collective array of religious atrocities and “beliefs” so primitive, cruel and unimaginable there’s good reason humankind has learned to reprove them over the eons. 

Nevertheless, the persistence of a “belief” in god is scarcely evidentiary of his/her, or even, its, existence, any more so than the belief the earth was the center of the universe eventually proved true.

I am not saying that the “idea” of a god has not been useful to human development and therefore highly utilitarian to his existence, preservation and progress.  But we are also witness how the manipulation of this basic gullibility has served conquerors, tyrants, despots, slavery, uniformity, and genocide as well.  

So, humankind’s propensity to believe in a god does not prove anything other than the fact that humans are susceptible to “ideas” and events that confound his level of experience, education, knowledge or ignorance as is often the case.  And in all cases such assignment of causality to an exoteric deity has proved categorically and irredeemably false. 

The various planets of our own solar system were once believed to be their divine namesakes: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. and we now know them to be relics of archaic religions and practices in service of the prevailing polytheistic scheme of the universe.

H.G. Wells: “Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe.”

Studies at Harvard University Harvard University.[1]  prove the more ignorant. less educated, sentimental or naive a person is the more likely s/he is to believe in a personal or impersonal godhead.  And my opponent’s sentimental averrals would seem to support this. Or, as Robert Oxton Bolt once wrote:

“A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that possesses the mind.” 

Sometimes, these collective beliefs are a good thing, more often they are not.
Otherwise we would not see them so readily abandoned throughout the eons
and decline of great civilizations such as Greece, Rome, Mexico City (Tenochtitlån )

In fact, over the 13. 8 billion year history of our universe, and the subsequent 400,000 year evolution of the cerebral cortex the one thing that has held fast throughout the manufacture and discarding of thousands and thousands of gods and goddesses is, in spite of our most ardent and persistent protestations, the only thing that persists is our penchant to believe in them, even while their god names are committed to antiquity, museums, neuroses, or sometimes major metropolises (Paris,  Athens, Rome, etc.)

My opponent’s introduction of Pascal’s Gambit is a hodgepodge of nonsense I feel no urgency to redress until he arranges and states it more precisely.

The Christian God’s To-Do List

Christian To Do List

The Christian God’s To do List:

1 Create humans

2 Punish them for being naked

3 Select a favored race

4 Drown them

5 Condemn the rest to perpetual slavery, banishment, and oppression

6 Impregnate an underage teenager

7 Give child a short obscure life and then have him slaughtered.

8 Establish a church comprised of homicidal misogynists and let them put some 20,000,000 innocents to death (including some of the greatest minds of their time)

9 Install a Priesthood with a penchant for riding around in Mercedes, gold palaces and sodomizing young school children.

10 Permit a homicidal maniac to come to power and incinerate 6,000,000 of your favorite people.

11. Disappear, but only reveal yourself to uneducated mountebanks, Texas housewives and on random pieces of toast

12. #Epic Fail Give up and hand it all over to a Seven headed Beast, send the rest to burn forever and retreat for eternity with 144,00 of the most stupefying idiots you can rapture up and whisk them away to your heavenly home beneath the Moon.

Where do I sign up?

With a tip of the hat to Godfrey Freeman @dawkinsaasange

THE END OF DAYS: Good-bye to Daily Variety with Schmear and Chutzpah!

ImageWhen I first arrived in Hollywood I rented an apartment around the corner from Schwab’s delicatessen where I bought my Daily Variety. My business strategy was to comb through and call whomever made the news that day. No agent, no connections, I just called them up directly and told them I owned the rights to The Last Unicorn. Within a month’s time I had my first development deal with Warner Bros. and was on my way to producing my first motion picture. End of an era for Daily Variety http://lnkd.in/WQ-x6A

I Imagine Therefore I am

What a person imagines is their birthright, the imprimatur of their existence. If they consign it away to “faith” it is their choice, but now their burden. When they betray that faith by demanding it be true for everyone for all time, it is now a failure of the imagination and no longer a force for anything, but smallness and grief.Image

America The Gullible


Most modern societies have had to cast off the shackles of impedimental political and religious ideologies. Russia had to abandon Stalinism, Leninism, and even its own national identity as a socialist republic. China is quickly morphing into something far beyond anything Mao’s Red Book ever dictated. Germany’s disastrous embrace of a genocidal religious dogma led to outside intervention, ruin and devastation — as did Japan’s Empire of the Sun. With the Arab Spring we see the Middle East coming face to face with an oppressive 5th Century Weltanschauung. Alas, it is the United States with the increasingly aggressive tactics of Christian revisionism, pseudo historicizing, and dogmatic adventurism where we will face our most dangerous crisis to date. The question is will we see it in time to act, or will we be lulled into a complacent acceptance of these abuses under the misguided pretense of “religious tolerance” and “constitutional protections “?

My father, the hate preacher: Nate Phelps on escaping Westboro Baptist Church via @Telegraph http://soa.li/Ox1Pzhg