No, Quentin Tarantino is Not a Cop Hater!


I’m more interested in his personal psychology than his politics. Especially to the extent that Tarantino identifies so genuinely with Black culture, people, and issues.You can tell it’s authentic and explored in so many of his films from Pulp Fiction to Django. While I thought the latter was deeply offensive and demeaning to Blacks ( what to speak of serious filmmakers), I was chastened that so many artists rushed to his defense while only a few called him out for it. If anything, to create so many rich compelling characters, villains, and plotlines so intrinsic or even extreme within a specific ethnic group, you have to be pretty damn confident in where you’re coming from. In that light, I understand his sentiments in lending his celebrity and voice against police brutality and ‘the gunning down of unarmed citizens’. I am sure he is being completely true to himself and his art by doing so. I take him at his word that he is not the “cop hater” that others would make him out to be.