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2017 Winner of the George RR Martin Screenwriting Prize

When all the superheroes have been snatched up by the film studios, a handful of comic characters from the Golden era come to life to recruit a famous graphic artist and his young protégé to save the comic world from a heinous supervillain.


From Story Analyst Kurt St. Angelo of Gallagher Literary Agency:

WRITTEN BY: Michael Chase Walker
GENRE: Comedy

TRAPPED IN A COMIC BOOK is an outstanding screenplay with a unique and original high concept, a well conceived and executed story, fantastic and often historical characters with relevant and natural dialogue by the best screenwriter, by a long shot, of any that I’ve professionally read. Simply said, this is one of the best and most polished unproduced screenplays that I’ve ever read, and one with enormous studio attraction and box-office potential.

It is a part-real / part-animated story like Who Killed Roger Rabbit and The Mask about how a young aspiring comic book illustrator and creator, along with a leader in the comic book industry, must enter the world of comic book characters, called Comictopia, to save the young man’s father, his girlfriend and the entire Comican world from its evil Arch Nemesis.

PROJECT: Recommended
WRITER: Recommend unequivocally

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