A classic scene from (what I consider the the best of the Bond movies) FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, the exquisite Tatiana Romanova (Daniela Bianchi), a Soviet double spy, is ordered by the KGB to seduce Bond, and shows up uninvited in his lavish Istanbul hotel suite wearing nothing but a silk ribbon around her neck.

Bond is skeptical, even hostile, but Bond being Bond, he is not one to turn away a beautiful woman who has availed herself so freely.

As the hot sex ensues, we pull back to get a shot behind the two-way mirror behind their bed to watch it being filmed by the nefarious Rosa Klebb (Lotte Lenya), her KGB handler.

It seems, the tactic of “Kompromat” was well known by master spy Ian Fleming, and universally well-established as a common KGB ploy.

Now, my former business partner, a film broker, (who shall remain nameless) moved to Russia just after the collapse of the Soviet Union and as a sideline established himself as a procurer of beautiful Russian escorts for the G5 set. His clientele were all very rich, and very important, celebrities, billionaires and CEO’s who thought nothing of flying in on their personal or corporate jets for libidinous Moscow nights.

Both Moscow and St. Petersburg soon became a not-so-secret playground for the international jet set. A few of them even met their future trophy wives over there. I’ve met a few, and on occasion spent many a fine dining evening here in the States discussing Pushkin in his native tongue.

Russian women, especially the more desirable ones, are often sophisticated, intelligent and very well-educated. They are also extremely sensible and unbound by traditionally prudish Christian American mores.

But now, we’re all supposed to believe that our “Grab her by the Pussy” President-Elect conducted himself as a perfect gentleman during his thirty years of business dealings in Russia.

We’re also being asked to believe that Vladimir Putin has zero compromising material on his favorite little lap lackey. Of course, the press is practically useless in ferreting any of this out, but if you’re taken in by any of it you’re probably oblivious enough to have voted for this two-bit, globe-trotting lothario in the first place.…%2522%257D%257D%252C%2522author%2522%253A%2…%2522%252C%2522width%2522%253A-1%252C%2522height%2522%253A-1%257D%257D%257D&signature=Aas5xGvLI4XVIjYuBFSC32A3hjXJ

Russia says it doesn’t gather dirt on others, but history of ‘kompromat’ says otherwise

For Trump, Three Decades of Chasing Deals in Russia

Several Foreign Intelligence Agencies Now Believe Trump Could Be Compromised (DETAILS) via @Bipartisan Report



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