Boris Godunov, anyone? It’s not about a moose and a flying squirrel


I spent six years adapting the life of Alexander Pushkin for the screen. I read at least four biographies several times, but especially, Henri Troyat’s biography, which I may have read about nine times, as well as everything Pushkin ever wrote to accomplish my goal: to portray the life of one of history’s great literary geniuses.

It’s something every student in Russia does by rote. I’ve never met a single Russian who couldn’t recite Pushkin by heart.

When I look at the world that may become manifest by Friday, courtesy of Vladimir Putin, I am compelled to recall Pushkin’s political masterpiece, Boris Godunov.

It’s about a power hunger Czar who rises to power through manipulation, subterfuge and lies only to be brought down by another imposter.

The Russians are masters in agitprop and Kompromat. Donald Trump is an ignorant buffoon and a marionette.

Don’t believe me? Read Pushkin’s Boris Godunov, because I can assure you, Vladimir Putin has.

( Hint: It’s not about a moose and a flying squirrel)

For Trump, Three Decades of Chasing Deals in Russia


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