Faith v Imagination

book_of_imagination_by_t1na-d7mlgj9“For surely it is folly to preach to children who will be riding rockets to the moon a morality and cosmology based on concepts of the Good Society and of man’s place in nature that were coined before the harnessing of the horse! And the world now is far too small, and men’s stake in sanity too great, for any of these old games of Chosen Folk ( whether of Jehovah, Allah, Wotan, Manu or the Devil) by which tribesmen were sustained against their enemies in the days when the serpent could talk.”

Joseph Campbell Primitive Mythology Toward a Natural History of the Gods Page 12

I don’t know where they got this notion that just because rationalists reject faith and belief that somehow they forfeit their imagination and wonder. Personally, I’d much rather hang with someone with their own vast imagination than those who still cleave to the make-believe nightmares of their Bronze Age ancestors.


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