Mad Max Fury Road: Political Manifesto or Religious Metaphor


Through its surrealistic landscapes, bizarre archetypal characters, and edge of your seat, non-stop action and stunts, it is possible to completely miss the more central and salient theme to Mad Max Fury Road, and that is, religion.

George Miller, as with his cinematic counterpart, George Lucas, has been one of the more profoundly creative interpreters of the principles of mythology as established by Joseph Campbell in his many scholarly books on the subject.

Miller, a self-proclaimed enthusiast of Campbell, has often acknowledged his deep creative debt to the late cultural anthropologist, and has proven this time and again in his entire corpus of work. Perhaps, it is this deeper understanding of myth, religion, and evolutionary psychology that distinguishes Miller (a former physician) from his contemporaries, and more specifically, the Marvel pantheon.

Fury Road is not so much dystopian science fiction, political rhetoric, or anti-Marvel, as it is metaphorical for another kind of revolution: the mythical journey through the underworld to achieve emancipation, not from world-dominating tyranny, but from our personal prisons of belief.


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