8 Animation Scripts Screenwriters Should Read


Reading screenplays hardly diminishes the artist or the craft of storyboarding — one is original and the other interpretive. I’m sure many screenwriters wish they had the talent to draw. I know I do. On the other hand the writer is charged with a literal choreography knowing full well the actions on the page have to be suggested, explosive, and logical in the fewest amount of words and sentences. In other words s/he has to accomplish movement and physical relationship to the characters, plot and environment without bogging the narrative down. This is very challenging. What’s interesting in the examples of animated scripts provided here are the distinction in styles. Obviously, Illumination demands an almost excruciating amount of minutia in their exposition whereas the proficiency of Pete Dockter and Bob Peterson of Pixar is so utterly masterful they accomplish through perfectly devised  and minimal arrangement of words what others require volumes to do. Movie Scripts: 8 Animation Scripts Screenwriters Should Read http://goodinaroom.com/blog/movie-scripts-animation/ via @goodinaroom


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