The Woody Allen Allegations: Not So Fast


Anyone who has suffered through a divorce with children understands the rancor and hysteria it can produce, and sadly, the children are the ones who pay the biggest price when being unashamedly “recruited” to side with one of the parents.  Those of us who followed the story closely saw an ambitious DA recklessly fanning the fires of Mia’s righteous fury, but also saw how eagerly the government, The Media, public outrage and subtle currents of anti-semitism turned her understandable pain and hurt against Woody Allen’s character. Contrary to all stereotypes, Woody Allen was one of the most celebrated bachelor/cocksmen of his time, and always seen in the company of brilliant, brainy and beautiful women such as, Louise Lasser, Mia Farrow, Diane Keaton and others. The likelihood that this sexually precocious, towering wit and masterfully accomplished intellectual face planted himself in the crotch of his seven year old adopted daughter is not just patently absurd, but cruel, vicious and outrageous nonsense. There were no charges brought against Woody Allen because he was not guilty of them and the DA had to drop the charges accordingly. via @thedailybeast


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