Holding Fast to a Lie in an Avalanche of Information…


It strikes me as more than curious (and a little unsettling)  that the only other body of information Christians quote as prolifically as the Bible is Wikipedia. Is there a DSM diagnosis for someone who persistently indulges in the wholesale acceptance, exaltation and dissemination of dubious, antiquated, poorly sourced and long discredited information? I have to say debating these individuals is a lot like arguing the existence of elves with a J.R.R. Tolkien fan whose only source is The Lord of the Rings, but there must be something else going on other than the old canard of religion, devotion and faith. Call it  Misology, Misoneism, Oppositional defiance, Sciolism, Pseudo-intellectualism, or just plain fanaticism, there is a definite pathological compulsion to latch on to an impossible idea for dear life and even through an avalanche of factually contradictory information hold fast to it even as everything around it crumbles.


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