My Dear Christian Brethren and Sistren


You are living in The Last Days of Pompeii, but that volcano looming above you

is not spewing lava, but information. Information that is immutable, unstoppable,

irrefutable and definitive. You have nowhere to flee, but to take shelter in the

unfortunate hollow of the past, the uninformed and the mislead. You did no

wrong, you are not to blame, you did your best to listen to your tribe, your family,

your community and your heart as best as you understood it.

But now the tides have turned against you. The Truth is before you in all of her shining

magnificent glory. There is no messiah, no Only Way, no hell, damnation or salvation. There is

no slaughtered son of a wrathful god, no eternal life, eternal sin or eternal suffering. You need not

pay for your primitive progenitors’ mistakes, deception, seduction or sin. There is no sin, except to

deny truth and perpetuate the lie. These are things of the past and of a great and profound

ignorance. It’s okay to let go of them. You will not perish, you will not suffer, you will not be judged,

but you will be free. Free, finally from the oppression and occupation of a debilitating ideation  that

never truly was, nor will it ever truly be.  Nevertheless, just as we know from 4 billion years of the sun

rising everyday, the one near eternal truth is that your cherished cynosure, like the ten thousand

before Him will evaporate and be relegated to the dung heap of history with every other god and

goddess of the past. For, you see, that volcano looming above you right now is neither death nor

destruction, but light, knowledge, truth, change, and a beacon for the future. You need not fear

any longer. It’s okay to breathe and let go.

This time the wave is understanding and knowledge.


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