Religionists of the World: It’s Time to move on!


Groucho Marx famously retorted, “I love my cigar, but I take it out once in a while.” Christians of any and all stripes, be they liberal or conservative, might take a break from their beloved fount of inspiration and learn a little bit more of the fascinating, but discredited pseudo-history behind it. The science is there to show what a marvelous conglomeration and metamorphosis of mythologies from diverse cultures and civilizations stand behind its construction. Seriously, it’s time to grow up, face the music and leave these childish notions behind. It is wholly possible to feel all the ecstasy, love, and spiritual devotion you can muster separately from any specific belief system. Atheists experience just as much fascination, awe and universal love as Buddhists, Christians or Sikhs. Everyone is capable of generating that spirituality just as everyone can experience the afflatus of love. It is not dependent on any one mythological figure, be they, Jesus, Moses, Zoroaster or Jove. Love your tradition, celebrate its magnificence and foundation, but don’t forget to move on. Once you’re accustomed to free-styling the way humans are inherently capable, you’ll have all the beneficence of a “spiritual being”, but with the wisdom and ratiocination that science, reason and reality has to offer.

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