Easier to Explain Aviation to South American Pygmies


To argue on behalf of Christianity in today’s information age is such a startling and embarrassing ‘admission of omission’ one’s credibility can only be instantly dismissed The aggregate sciences of history, anthropology, psychology, archaeology, world mythology, and what we know of ancient civilizations easily proves Christianity to be an ancient multicultural multi-civilizational myth that became an outright “lie” in the hands of deeply flawed, fanatical revisionists. Unfortunately, to argue this with even so-called educated Christians is futile, as they draw their “facts” from 1,500 years of sciolism, fan fiction, allegory, parable, manipulated manuscripts, and blatant, fraudulent and purposeful pseudo-historic metamorphoses. They are so immune and inoculated from the facts about their “religion” it is impossible to have an open debate. The science is in, the truth is there for everyone to read, know, investigate, and conclude it is 100% fiction derived from the Sumerian/Semitic/Egyptian myths and contrived to service the ultimate snakeoil idea of eternal life. Rationalists are wasting their time in discussing it with theists. We do not need to “intelligently” or responsibly debate or dialogue about the existence of Zeus, Dionysus, Bacchus, Priapus, Horus, Isis, Osiris, or Jesus. As all the ten thousands gods of man’s tens of thousands of year “spiritual history” have gone but one way — to the happy hunting ground of legend and lore. All we can do is speak out, speak up and deliver the facts to new generations of information respectful minds. To argue with believers is to discuss aviation with Amazonian pygmies whose only and most relevant reference will be to an “iron bird”.

Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/spiritual-atheism-confused-not-even-neopagan-christian-apologist-says-100426/#ocYv1r4fHtvvEODq.99 


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