Kirsten Powers: How a Liberal Democrat and Former Atheist Came to Know Jesus Christ as her Savior and defraud others


The tragically naive cult-perpetuated fraud here is that anyone can presto-chango be “saved”.  Not just by the mythical messiah, or some supernatural autocrat, but through some miraculous, extemporaneous  process of cosmic “love-at-first-sight. Enlightenment, Diamond Clarity, even,” agape” itself,  traditionally and spiritually requires intelligence, study, scholarship, knowledge, sacrifice, and discipline. Throughout man’s tens of thousands-years-old spiritual history divine grace required years of selfless devotion without any promise of success, as C.S.Lewis describes in his excellent parable of spiritual longing and vision quest, “Til We Have Faces”.  The argument has been made and scientifically verifiable that christianity is a wonderful but eon-aged multicultural myth that in the hands of very flawed men became an outright lie in service of the most outlandish snakeoil pipedream of all, i.e. -eternal life. Ms Powers, and today’s other willfully misinformed neo-christians prolong and promote their “McJesus” religion as though it were a prize in a game show. They make a mockery of themselves and all legitimate paths in general while in the end duping a lot of extremely gullible individuals along the way.


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