Writers Write!

Writers Write!

… because they have spent every moment of their lives thinking, creating, observing, recreating, perfecting, dramatizing and then expressing it with exactly the right words. They don’t need yours. They have their own. If they need your stupid ideas, they’re not writers — they’re scam artists. Writers write because it is who they are, because they’ve devoted their lives to their craft. Come to them with your money, your respect, but not your ideas and empty, petty, promises. Pay them for theirs and their craftsmanship and their courage and wisdom, but not to adapt, or waste their time with your asinine vanities. If you think you have better ones than the men and the women who have devoted their lives and craft at great sacrifice, then, by all means, become one yourself. If not, stand back and let a master do their thing. Pay them and be glad for it.


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