Is This the Moment Where It Started Going Wrong for M. Night Shyamalan?

Image What was initially ingenious about Shyamalan was his use and exploitation of atavistic/primitive memes to create a modern fan base — but this may have very well led to his downfall as well. As Lucas gained a generation of followers eager for a futuristic “spirituality” with “The Force” perhaps in the same way L. Ron Hubbard cobbled his “religion” to science fiction tenets (and garnered millions of devotees in the process) Shyamalan benefitted initially by playing to the same audience demographic but with no further means for assimilating it into their everyday lives. Lucas & Hubbard provided rituals, heroes, universes, characters and means (toys and E-meters) for reenacting their myths. Shyamalan’s efforts (like Serlings) were episodic requiring no continuing allegiance or ongoing narrative -except absolute fealty to him personally, and thus his limited talent and fickle audience turned on him.


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