What we got here is…

Image I have lunch every week with a long time Right wing buddy of mine, and I have to admit there were times over the last election cycle I was not eager to do so. Nevertheless, I trundled through for the sake of our life long friendship.

Over the weeks I was consistently surprised by the pending scandals that seemed to fuel his weekly ire — the perpetual 7 day Limbaugh/Beck/Hannity launched “coming tsunami” that would for certain change the world as we knew it, be it, Lame stream Media Palin persecution, Bush Bias, Birtherism, Mitt Mania, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and on and on. The last time we met he was certain Glenn Beck was going to blow the lid off the marathon bombing with irrefutable evidence it was a botched Saudi 9-11 operation.

I lost all composure and screamed back: “Dude, WTF, we’ve been having lunch every week for over a year and it’s always some new scandal, outrage, or coming fucking tsunami. Let me ask you something, when was the last time one of them actually came true? NEVER! Nothing, no way, bupkis, zero, nada, zip!”

He shut up for a second, grimaced a bit, but I could tell it didn’t take. He’ll show up same time same place but with some new earth-shattering prediction and not a sliver of doubt, hesitancy or acknowledgment what transpired the last time.

I’ve come to realize it’s really not about the bullshit, nor its purveyors. It’s not about the “truth”, politics, or even being prescient about life and current events. He wasn’t keeping score or even building a repository of reasons and reckonings for the future. This is simply what he needed to get up in the morning, put his pants on, and feel alive.

The particulars had nothing to do with it, just the exhilaration of “being in on something” before everyone else, even if it was total bullshit that fed his psyche, purpose and self-importance.


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