Don’t argue with your children about evolution…

Mass BurialMass BurialCalling the New Testament “fan fiction” is being generous. I’m always reminded of Alan Watt’s prophetic indictment…”the great tragedy of Christianity is its obsession with what was true once rather than what is true always.” (from The Wisdom of Insecurity.) The truly shocking and much covered up reality is that the entire confabulation is an ancient, archetypal and even glorious aggregation of elements dating back hundreds of thousands of years of human and prehuman ancestry. It is always bemusing to read of modern day scholars, mountebanks, and acolytes arguing about the so-called authenticity of times, dates, testaments, apocrypha, pseudepigrapha, and dubious “eye-witness” accounts when the real science, the hard evidence, has long been excavated and harvested with the cold hard bones of the mytho-genetic zones of human diffusion, history, and evolution. The “bones” disinterred by archaeology and anthropology provide unimpugnable proof that every god or goddess among the hundreds of thousands of human invention have evaporated through time through the unassailable evidence of science, education, and knowledge over superstition and pseudo-historic metamorphosis. I suspect that this “Christian” obsession to prove what never was in order to serve a dream of eternal salvation that will never be, will only go the way of every ritual, belief, and divine figurehead since the beginning of humankind. This isn’t religion, this is science, or as evangelist Pat Robertson recently admitted, “Don’t argue with your children about evolution or you’ll lose them. They found the bones.”


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