Michael Chase Walker’s The Last Deipnosophists (hopefully)


Michael Chase Walker’s The Last Deipnosophists (hopefully)

It may seem somewhat harsh at times, but were it not for the insidious influence of Christian fundamentalism I’d be more than happy to let it be. I love stories, myths and even humankind’s vast and various religious imagination, but when they become “beliefs” they can turn nefarious and destructive indeed. Sadly, it seems everyday we see more and more of the rise of a Christian Taliban impacting all of our freedoms and natural pursuits of happiness e.g. marriage, reproductive rights, Draconian superstitions and nescience injected into legitimate school curriculums, etc. Happily, skeptics, non-theists, celebrities and even some lion-minded “faithfuls” are coming together to curtail this growing intellectual blight. Amazingly, it is working ,and we are now seeing a shift in the contemporary zeitgeist. Many educators are calling it the most important issue of our time. I will say it is one of the most exciting and dynamic intellectual debates in modern American history. I hope you’ll join in.

The Bible Is Nothing but Fan Fiction for Jesus | VICE http://www.vice.com/read/the-bible-is-nothing-but-jesus-fan-fiction via @VICE


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