A Myth Turned Into a Lie To Serve a Lie Becomes a Lie…


“For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie– deliberate, contrived and dishonest– but the myth– persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forbearers. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” JFK

If anything proves the pseudepigrapha of Christianity and its ongoing web of deceit it’s this idea that the morally-obsessed god of the Old Testament who expelled Adam and Eve over an apple, and “punished women thereafter”,  inundated the earth for its iniquities, destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, deprived Moses of entering the Holy Land, punished David for Bathsheba, destroyed Solomon’s Temple for his various promiscuities, and banished the Jews from their homeland for the same, would then arbitrarily commit adultery with another man’s underage teenage wife to host his “only begotten son”. (What, there were no more acceptable alternatives for this omniscient progenitor?) And the very idea that religious fanatics are parading outside the Supreme Court right now citing this self-same “moral authority” as cause for discriminating against an entire class of Americans is beyond reproach.


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