The Christian God’s To-Do List

Christian To Do List

The Christian God’s To do List:

1 Create humans

2 Punish them for being naked

3 Select a favored race

4 Drown them

5 Condemn the rest to perpetual slavery, banishment, and oppression

6 Impregnate an underage teenager

7 Give child a short obscure life and then have him slaughtered.

8 Establish a church comprised of homicidal misogynists and let them put some 20,000,000 innocents to death (including some of the greatest minds of their time)

9 Install a Priesthood with a penchant for riding around in Mercedes, gold palaces and sodomizing young school children.

10 Permit a homicidal maniac to come to power and incinerate 6,000,000 of your favorite people.

11. Disappear, but only reveal yourself to uneducated mountebanks, Texas housewives and on random pieces of toast

12. #Epic Fail Give up and hand it all over to a Seven headed Beast, send the rest to burn forever and retreat for eternity with 144,00 of the most stupefying idiots you can rapture up and whisk them away to your heavenly home beneath the Moon.

Where do I sign up?

With a tip of the hat to Godfrey Freeman @dawkinsaasange


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