“The Fault Lies Not With Our Host, Dear Oscar…”


I’ve never been a big fan of Family Guy, although I’ve come to really appreciate the guts, and edgy, groundbreaking satire over the years. I’m in awe of MacFarlane’s talent; his voice-overs are quite brilliant, mimicry first class, and his crooning is a modern day marvel. That being said I hated the Awards, but not for its risque, bawdy and ribald quips, but for its awkward, poorly structured, and minimalist production value. At a time when The Oscars is in danger of being overtaken by the Golden Globes it cannot afford any more missteps. It should be said that anytime the HFPA outclasses you, you’re in a real shit storm. The problem with The Oscars is not who’s hosting, but a fundamental and chronic series of very public and really poor decisions at its core. They seem to be floating around aimlessly without a vision, a mission, or a friggin’ clue and thus they perennially come off playing “grab ass” at any shiny bauble that presents itself, be it Brett Ratner, James Franco, Ten Best Picture Nominees, etc. So, I don’t blame MacFarlane for this latest fiasco, because with a little more “intelligent” producing, vision, and direction his hosting and the entire platform could have soared. Seriously, what competent director producer would have ever allowed a disastrously neurotic ten minute discussion between the host and a disembodied William Shatner right out of the gates? So, no, once again, ‘The fault here is not with the stars (MacFarlane), dear Brutus, but with the Academy itself”, and until this is addressed we can look forward to the Golden Globes further eroding and usurping the integrity, glamour and prestige that once belonged exclusively to Oscar.

http://shar.es/jeUCs via @THR


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