I Watched The Oscars with Seth MacFarlane Fans and Survived!


It was definitely a case of generational divide. I watched The Oscars with a few younger friends, and a couple of mentally stunted adults who thought it was hilarious, fresh, and topical. I asked how in any stretch of the imagination William Shatner and Star Trek were topical, and they were stumped. After further inquiry I learned that “topical” for the millennial-minded is anything related to women’s genitalia. (The topicality comes from the idea that women still retain these body parts today as they did in earlier times.) Seth MacFarlane’s musical number “We Saw your Boobs” was a huge, huge hit with this crowd, as were Ann Hathaway’s pert and perky nipples, which I have to say fueled a good three hours of ernest, lively debate. But it wasn’t all high brow, either, for instance, the dancing Gay Men’s Choir sparked an intensely detailed discussion about same sex practices and homosexual proclivities. Oh yeah, Jennifer Lawrence’s stumble was a real triumph of inspiration, too!  All in all it was a sophisticated and charming evening off and on the screen.


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