Mythmaking or Troublemaking: Zero Dark Thirty


From what I’ve seen it isn’t the filmmakers who’ve been spinning this as a “docudrama”, but the Media. I’ve seen it happen dozens of times — especially when there’s a trumped up “controversy” to exploit. They excoriated Rudy Langlis’s Hurricane for daring to revisit the Rubin Carter case, as they did Oliver Stone for his very personal and polemical slant on history, and now even Spielberg for daring to adhere to the “great man theory of history”, but then they freely give a pass to Tarantino’s fabulist revenge fantasies of Jews and Nazis. (With only some early push back on Django now brewing.) We seem to have permanently jumped the shark as a culture where we insist our national and religious myths be taught as historical events while demanding our traditional venues of “storytelling” be strict adherents to someone else’s idea of the “facts’ — with zero tolerance for creative license whatsoever. While ZDT declares itself to be based on actual “accounts”, it does not, nor have Mark and Kathryn ever declared it to be a documentary or a docudrama. As for the general moviegoing audience (and to some extent the professional media and politicians) they don’t seem to know the distinction anymore, and that’s extremely troubling.


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