Dressed to Kill

On the Left: Would you accept any form of censorship for extremely violent video games, TV shows, or movies if it saved one elementary school child’s life? On the Right, would you allow any regulation of gun possession that might save a 6 year old’s life? Maybe it’s time we all started looking at OUR culture and make the necessary compromises that will allow us ALL to coexist and let our children live without fear.

How is these young killers are such trained experts in the culture of mass murder?

How is these young killers are such trained experts in the culture of mass murder?

Why do these mass murderers all dress up and don the same gear and outfits if they aren’t mimicking something they’re intimately familiar with?  (This kid went to an elementary school dressed in black wearing a bullet-proof vest. )

How is it these killers have such a preternatural sense of how to “look” and use these killing machines with such expert precision, if they aren’t being modeled and trained by a video game or a movie? ( I would barely know where to point the gun let alone how to dress for the occasion. ) The first question the Aurora theater shooter asked the police when they took him in to custody was, “how’d the movie end?” So, definitely, while availability is a problem, we’re kidding ourselves if we’re not willing to look at other contributing factors as well. Former governor Mario Cuomo defined compromise as an agreement that will “hurt” both sides, so I’m saying if you’re demanding more gun control ( which I am) what are we willing to give up on our side? I’m as much of a fan of movie action and violence when it is called for, but the other night watching the grand finale of Boardwalk Empire I was disgusted by the gratuitous and over the top blood bath. It made no sense and only served to sound the death-knell on what was once a promising crime drama.


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